The Finance Division is essentially the law enforcement arm of the Gaming Board. This division is responsible for the regulation and monitoring of all Casino and Gaming House Operations throughout the Comonwealth of the Bahamas.
Revenue & Taxes
  The specific functions of each Department are outlined below.
  The Account Department provides guidance and insight on Human Resources questions and concerns. Enquiries relative to all leaves, inclusive but not limited to those of vacation, casual, maternity, and compassionate leave, are dealt with by the Human Resources Department. Assistance is also provided on all matters related to the Gaming Board’s group health insurance, National Insurance claim benefits, pension, industrial accidents, labour matters and hiring.
  The Human Resources Department bears the responsibility of inputting information, on a monthly basis, that is used to process staff salaries. Additionally, the Department prepares annual appraisals, reference letters and communication to staff on transfers, promotions, and other matters of like area.
  The Revenue & Taxes department currently has a professional staff compliment of 9 employees who are all authorized agents of the Gaming Board.
  The Revenue and Taxes department is charged with the following responsibilities:
- To ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of the Gaming Act, 2014 and Gaming Regulations, 2014, Gaming Rules 2015 and the Systems of Accounting and Internal Controls submitted by the respective licensed operator consistent with the Gaming Board’s duty as a Regulatory Authority (Gaming Act, Regulations 2014 & Gaming Rules 2015 – sections particularly in relation to revenues, taxes, fees, penalties, financial accounting and reporting)
- To ensure the accurate reporting of gaming revenues by licensed operators carefully reviewing any revenue adjustments; periodically performing cash counts to attest to the revenues generated from the counts and the accuracy of accounting documentation and internal controls
- To review filed tax returns to verify the accurate calculation of applicable taxes  in accordance with the Gaming Regulations 2014  and Gaming House Operator Regulations 2014
- To collect and record all gaming taxes, fees, penalties and interest owed by licensed operators, ensure taxes are paid on time and identify taxes owed and collect outstanding arrears (Gaming Act, Regulations & Rules)
- To routinely monitor licensed operator’s statistical performance; perform analytical reviews of the operating statistics and prepare monthly statistical reports on the operators financial performance and assist with the preparation of annual reports
- To prepare department’s contribution to the annual forecasts of gaming taxes and fees which are ultimately presented to the Ministry of Finance as a part of the annual Budget Revenue projections exercise. This exercise is prepared in conjunction with the Board’s Accounts department
- To conduct random and planned audits, the primary objective of which is to determine the proper reporting of gaming revenues and to determine whether the licensee has complied with all applicable Gaming Laws, Regulations, Rules and licensee’s ICS
- To evaluate the financial information of the operators to monitor the entities continuing financial viability
  The Statistics Division is responsible for the Gaming Board's planning, collection, compilation and analysis of data and the research and economic analysis activities in the Gaming industry. Specific duties include:
- Conducting special studies within the ;
- prepararation of various ad hoc statistical reports;
- Acting as  coordinator for the preparation of  The Annual Reports for the Board;
- The development of appropriate statistical research methodology and design in the preparation of required studies in the areas of gaming trends, gaming finance, and economic issues important to The Bahamas, as well as their policy and business implications;
- Apply research and policy development in the monitoring and collation of key economic data covering the global gaming developments, major gaming regions, and the Bahamas into suitably organized information to inform and guide gaming policies and operations;
- Prepartion of Internal Research Reports; Leading the production of regular reports which monitor developments in global gaming and gaming finance as well as the Gaming Board’s key markets and regulation; risk-based and sector reports and providing timely analyses on their likely impact on the Bahamian economy and the Gaming Board’s operations.
- Develop and design research methodology to record instances of problem gambling as defined in the legislation. Carry out statistical studies to inform the Gaming Board of the amount of players categorized by age and gender, the amounts of gaming, preference of games, preferences of operators, and preferred locations.