The Operations Division is essentially the law enforcement arm of the Gaming Board. This division is responsible for the regulation and monitoring of all Casino and Gaming House Operations throughout the Comonwealth of the Bahamas. The Operations Division, led by the Deputy Secretary, comprises the Licensing, Registry & Data Entry, and Regulatory Complaince departments.
  The Licensing Department is responsible for reviewing applications and conducting probity investigations with respect to all individuals and companies who are required to be licensed and approved by the Board, based on their respective capacities. The purpose of the probity investigations is to determine whether such individuals or companies are suitable for licensure. Thus, these investigations are extensive and result in an examination of personal background and financial activity. Applicants include Casinos and Gaming House Operators, their gaming staff and Gaming Board Personnel.
  The Licensing Department produces detailed reports, with the assistance of the Security Intelligence Branch (S.I.B.) of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, and, when necessary, External Enforcement Agencies and other gaming regulatory bodies in various jurisdictions. ┬áTo qualify for a licence issued under the authority of the Gaming Act, 2014 one must meet the criteria laid down in Section 24 of the said legislation. Licences, certificates or approvals may be issued with or without conditions.
  This department is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information received from the various Board Departments for historical preservation and retrieval.
  The Registry Section in particular, houses the personal files of all current and former employees of the Casinos and Gaming House Operators. This section also generates the annual re-licensing list. The re-licensing process is a recertification process whereby a casino or gaming house employee who has received approval from the Gaming Board to work is recertified to work for another year, up to three (3) years, and this process requires the collaborative effort of the Registry and Licensing Department.
  Data Entry on the other hand, is responsible for the archiving of all relevant information within the Gaming Board via a document imaging system.
  The Registry & Data Entry Department, in short, is the principle repository for data maintained on all gaming applicants and licenses within our jurisdiction.
  Regulatory Compliance comprises of the Enforcement and Electronic Services Sections of the Board. It provides physical presence and remote monitoring of the Casino and Gaming Houses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the Electronic Services department has the responsibility to ensure the integrity of all gaming systems, devices and equipment within the jurisdiction through various tests and inspections and ultimately make recommendations to the Secretary for approval by the Gaming Board. Finally, the Compliance section is charged with responsibility of ensuring that the minimum standards for licensees are established and strictly adhered to through the approval and ongoing review and monitoring of mandatory Internal Control Submissions. The Compliance Section is also responsible for reviewing all incoming requests from both Casino and Gaming Hosue Operators and making the necessary recommendations for approval. Overall, the primary goal of the Regulatory Complaince Department is to ensure that the integrity of gaming is protected along with the elimination of risk to money laundering and terrorists financing.