The Secretary is a suitably qualified and experienced person, who is appointed by the Board, with the concurrence of the Minister, as Secretary to the Board, for the purpose of assisting the Board in the performance of all financial, administrative and clerical responsibilities pertaining to the functions of the Board. The Secretary is accountable, in the first instance to the Board and is a principal accounting officer as specified in section 22 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act (No. 26 of 210). The Deputy Secretary, who in the absence of the Secretary, performs all the functions of the Secretary.
In January 2013, Verdant Roosevelt Scott made history in being appointed as the first Secretary of the Gaming Board for the Bahamas (“the Board”) under the new Gaming Act, 2014. Secretary Scott is a thirty (30) year veteran in the gaming industry. He commenced his career at the Board as an Inspector in 1984 and then progressed up the ranks through various promotions. From the position of Inspector, he moved onto become Assistant Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretary, Deputy Secretary and more recently Secretary of the Board.

Prior to joining the Board, Secretary Scott was an officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (“RBPF”) for six (6) years. Notable achievements in his current role have included overseeing the drafting and implementation of the new gaming legislation and the subsequent regularization of the domestic gaming industry.

Mr. Verdant Scott
  Bridgette M. Outten, Deputy Secretary; B. Sc., LLB (Hons), Int. Dip (AML) & (Compliance)
  Bridgette M. Outten was officially appointed as the first female Deputy Secretary of the Board on April1st, 2013. This appointment represented another milestone in Deputy Secretary Outten’s accomplished career as her appointment was not only an historic one, but it was the first to have taken place in the forty-six (46) years of existence of The Board; whilst also being done under the new Gaming Act, 2014. Deputy Secretary Outten is a qualified Attorney, member of the Bahamas Bar Association, member of the International Compliance Association and an Adjunct Professor at the College of the Bahamas.
  Deputy Secretary Outten is also an avid reader, she enjoys travelling and prides herself in being a self-taught building contractor. Her favourite mantra, which is the one that she lives by,is “Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklyn