Application Forms

To The Users Of This Functionality

Please be advised that the application forms published hereunder applies to a multitude of licence classes, in respect of new, tempoary and renewal licence applications.

Said forms may periodically be revised, updated and/or replaced. Accordingly, users downloading forms(s) from this facility should check back periodically to ensure they still are in possession, and will be completing the latest and correct version of a form.

The Board will not be liability where the incorrect application forms have been completed and submitted. Said forms cannot be processed by the board and will be returned to applicants.

The onus is on the licenced operators, their staff, any prospective licence holders and/or any other interested parties, as applicable, to ensure they download the correct application forms(s) from the website. If not entirely sure of the exact form to complete or seeking further clarifying informatio, feel free to refer to the explanatory detailed contained in Sections 39 to 51 of the Gaming Act, 2014 or alternatively, contact the Office of the Board: (242) 397 9200.

When completing any of the licence application forms, ensure you read the instructions contained therein carefully berfore answering and follow specific instructions which may be given in relation to certain questions.